SeaLine S450

A distinctive, sporty design with an enormous amount of space below deck, the new design from British designer, Bill Dixon will be certain to set new standards in this class of sports motor boats. Sealine’s characteristic use of space and light is evident throughout this 33 footer and the boat is packed with a range of innovative features. All this combined quality German engineering the S330 is a stunning new addition to the Sealine range.

Europe's oldest motor boat magazine, "Motor Boat & Yachting", has presented the two Sealine models S330 and C330 with the internationally coveted "Motor Boat Award 2016". The two winners received the famous award in the category "Sport cruiser up to 45 feet". Just the year before, Sealine received the Motor Boat Award for the model F380 in the "Flybridge up to 55 feet" class.

The specialist jury from "Motor Boat & Yachting" said the following during the prize awards: "SEALINE has fulfilled the wishes of Sealine customers: British designer Bill Dixon excelled himself, taking the hull from the successful S330, but completely re-arranging the interior and designing a new deck layout. The S330 is a completely different boat than the C330 and is an entirely new development in its own right. The S330 is the perfect choice for people who love sunbathing or simply want to make the most of life on deck. If the goal is to sail powerfully through the waves at full speed or to experience the cruising feeling while traveling from port to port: Both Sealine yachts have a wide range of engine options - as a single or a double machine, the cruisers can also be selected based on economic aspects". With its innovative model policy, Sealine sets many trends in the cruiser sector. The cruisers from the traditional brand are characterized by a unique design from Bill Dixon, which offers an optimal combination of dynamics, function and luxury.

Sealine yachts not only impress the test crews from "Motor Boat & Yachting", but also win people over with their unique, elegant design that appeals to a wide range of customers, including below deck with fantastic technical comfort.

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