Hanse 588

Sophistication and distinctive lines characterise the unique design of Hanse yachts. And the Hanse 588 is no exception. Its flat, elongated build and expressive details combine stylish confidence with sporty elegance.

Hanse 588

Feel at home on the high seas. The trademark fast hull line and the impressive sail plan come from the pen of judel/vrolijk & co, the world’s best and most experienced yacht construction engineers. The combination of a perfectly harmonised lateral plan and a pre-balanced rudder blade are a further guarantee of high-speed performance and safety while you are sailing.


Measuring the performance of the Hanse 588 with the velocity predicition program VPP produces stunning figures: This yacht sets benchmarks in transforming the energy of the wind into sailing speed with utmost efficiency.


Rig & Sail optimisation: The high rig provides for a large sail area at the masthead. The wind, which is particularly stable at this height, can thus be optimally translated into speed. At the same time, you will experience continually balanced sailing. constantly long waterline Outstanding performance comes from having a steep stern and a straight stem. This intelligent design provides an optimal, long waterline at any heeling angle – and superior speed for you on all courses. Hanse smart trim system: We have trimmed the sail so you can sail like a pro and included a backstay, which can be adjusted seamlessly. This enables the mast and the profile of the sail to perfectly adapt to the wind at all times.


The Hanse Easy Sailing Concept is legendary. We invented the integrated self-tacking jib and brought all the lines to the helm. This means you can sail your yacht alone – or carefree while enjoying time with guests. Reefing, tacking and setting sail can all be performed from the helm without any effort. The deck is free of lines and fittings, giving you uncompromising comfort and space while you are at sea or relaxing in the harbour.

Hanse one-Rope Reef System: You decide the size of the sail area – easily from the comfort of the cockpit. The Hanse One-Rope Reff System ensures that handling is quick and effortless for you.

Pure Deck & Cockpit: Clean and cool. All spaces feature a minimalist design, with a pure and clear structure. We have even hidden the halyards and sheets elegantly below the deck.

Hanse self-tacking jib: The self-tacking jib lets you easily and quickly manoeuvre the yacht. In the tack or the jib, the headsail smoothly glides over the integrated deck rails automatically to the correct side.

Hanse Rudder balance: When it comes to the design of the rudder system, Hanse gives you high agility without compromising safety. For this, we have developed a pre-balanced rudder whose efficient surface is larger than average. It makes steering the yacht in any situation child’s play.

Second forestay: Genoa or self-tacking jib? The second forestay of Hanse allows for a comfortable change from the cockpit. The right sail is always up and doesn’t take any room for storage.

Hanse Helmsman Control: Sailing at the touch of a button? With Hanse, your dream is now reality! Control the entire system from the cockpit. All the halyards and sheets also lead to the helmsman. This gives you absolute control in all sailing manoeuvres.


With Hanse, you have a progressive yacht that makes a statement. Technical innovations and quality in every detail are just as much part of the Hanse 588 as are an emotional design and comfortable atmosphere of well- being. Each detail is a subtle expression of superior design. The well-orchestrated ensemble of advanced technology and its integration is the highest art of yacht design at Hanse – and what drives us to create the perfect yacht.

Everything you need:

  • Sun lounge on the cabin roof with sunbeds of durable, long-lasting fabrics that are comfortable to the touch.
  • High- quality skylight made of real scratchproof glass for more light and fresh air in the saloon.

Hanse T-Top: The T-Top, made of cutting-edge carbon technology, is more than just a sunshade, it is THE design statement of the Hanse 588. Thanks to the extendible bimini, you have a view of the heavens at night – and protection against intense sun rays during the day. While enjoying the experience, speakers integrated in the ceiling give you the right song every time, in any ambience, via your Entertainment App from Fusion. Direct and indirect lighting lend the T-Top its modern lounge character. The lighting concept is perfected when natural light comes together with the ambient light to create an unforgettable atmosphere. A dedicated windscreen and canopy for the front T-Top area are also available.

Hanse Tender Launch System: The fully integrated hydraulic bathing platform, an innovation from the house of Hanse, ensure an effortless launch of your tender into the water and back on board. What’s more, the tailored garage offers plenty of space for accessories and equipment.

Glamorous appearance:

  • The courtesy lights integrated in the toe rail make sure you safely get from the bow to the stern.
  • The en vogue wet bar featuring a sink, barbecue and optional refrigerator extend your comfortable experience to the cockpit.



The interior of the Hanse 588 is everything the exterior promises. Spaciousness, beauty and comfort come together to create a first-class atmosphere of well- being like no other. Handcrafted furnishings and high-quality materials give your luxury yacht a premium maritime flair.

Excitingly elegant in every detail:

  • The atmosphere in the spacious saloon is perfect for relaxing and enjoying life in comfort below deck.
  • The large hull windows and skylights create the perfect lighting concept, while the television elegantly lowers into the main bulkhead.
  • The navigational area is equipped with a refrigerator and offers plenty of storage space.

Directly perfect:

  • Our open kitchen is the middle point, where friends and family come together to cook and continue lively conversation in comfort. Striking Corian® surfaces provide a beautiful accent.
  • The island kitchen in the living room, a further variation of our open kitchen, is timeless and unmistakable in style, while offering subtle high-performance functionality.

Silent and modern Master Cabin: Maximum noise reduction system. Innovation with a purpose: The Silent Master Cabin gives you the unique feeling of peace and relaxation thanks to optimal noise reduction.

  • Large opening skylights, four hull windows and a clever separation of shower and toilet give the Silent Master Cabin a stylish ambience.
  • The elegant sideboard on the king-size bed houses the extendible television.

Space for everything:

  • The master bathroom exudes the Hanse 588 style, with sophisticated wood surfaces and large skylights for natural light.
  • The wellness bathroom at the backboard is unique for a yacht of this class, promising uncompromising luxury at sea.


Be inspired for your own yacht with our examples of various layouts and surfaces for your Hanse 588. You will discover how you can make your Hanse truly your own – from individual cabin concepts to many options for wood, fabrics and colours.

First-class cabin: Like the luxurious master cabin, the aft cabins feature their own bathroom and lots of comfortable space, with a view of the water.

Design your yacht to match your style:

  • Choose the colour of the working surfaces of the island kitchen, for instance elegant black Corian® contrasting with the light oak shown here. Multifunctional furnishings create new living spaces and offer high versatility.
  • Turn the height-adjustable saloon table into an XXL relaxing area.
  • The bench seat can be extended into a chaise lounge for an even cosier experience.


Wherever you sail – your Hanse is one of a kind. You choose the colour of the hull and which upholstery you would like to catch your eye. On deck, the decision of which technical equipment to include on your Hanse yacht is all yours. The interior also carries your signature. Enjoy the freedom on the open sea in a modern loft atmosphere or surrounded by maritime elegance. High- quality materials and exclusive fittings await you.

Do you prefer to sail with loved ones, your family or with a group of friends? The below-deck layout of your Hanse 588 can be adapted to your individual needs and desires. You can choose between the classic layout and a tailor-made cabin concept for many or just a few guests on board.


Hull length
Fresh water
Fuel tank
CE Certificate
Mast length above WL
Total sail area
Main sail
Self-tacking jib
  12.40 m | 40'8"
11.99 m | 39'4"
11.40 m | 37'5"
4.17 m | 13'8"
2.10 m | 6'11" (std.) 1.74 m | 5'9" (opt.)
approx. 10.10 t | approx. 22,267 lb
39 HP
approx. 475 l
approx. 160 l
approx. 19.60 m | approx. 64'4"
approx. 87 m² | approx. 936 sq ft
approx. 52.50 m² | approx. 565 sq ft
approx. 34.5 m² | approx. 371 sq ft




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Hanse test sail Avel YachtingVeć imate sve neophodne brošure, specifikacije i cjenovnike, i željeli biste da projekat kupovine svog plovila podignete na viši nivo? Dođite i isprobajte naša plovila! Ako takvog broda nema u Crnoj Gori, pratićemo vas gdje god se nalazi vaš brod iz snova, kako bismo vaše test jedrenje učinili uspješnim!

Ova plovila su dostupna za test jedrenja u Crnoj Gori:

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AVEL YACHTING why Hanse yachts- Njemački kvalitet za pristupačnu cijenu
- Odlične performanse uz visoki kvalitet
- Jednostavno upravljanje sa samo nekoliko članova posade
- Inovativan i moderan dizajn
- Mnogo prilagodljivih mogućnosti
- Savjet od Avel Yachtinga o tome kako da finansirate svoje novo plovilo
- Postprodajne usluge visokog kvaliteta od strane Avel Yachtinga u Crnoj Gori
- Visoka prepordajna vrijednost zbog velike potražnje za Hanse plovilima

Porto Montenegro Avel Yachting


1.    Jahte oslobođene PDV-a
Crna Gora nije članica Evropske Unije, tako da stranci nisu obavezni da plaćaju lokalni PDV

2.    Nova marina: Porto Montenegro
- 650 planiranih vezova od 12 do 150 metara
- Gorivo bez poreza i carinjenja
- Carina na licu mjesta
- Voda i struja
- 24-časovno obezbjeđenje
- Luksuzni bazen
- Sportski klub: teretana, joga, pilates, kuglanje
- 7% PDV na mnoge nautičke usluge
fjord avel yachting- Poreske i uvozne regulative van-Evropske Unije

3.    Great location
- Smještena između Hrvatske, Italije i Grčke
- Predivna jedriličarska područja
- 5 marina: Porto Montenegro – Tivat, Kotor, Herceg Novi, Budva, Bar
- Bokokotorski zaliv – Najjužniji fjord Evrope i UNESCO-va Svjetska Kulturna Baština
- 3 aerodroma u blizini: Tivat, Dubrovnik, Podgorica 


After sales service Avel YachtingBilo da kupujete novo ili polovno plovilo, mi smo jedini zastupnik za jedrilice sa post-prodajnim uslugama lociran na licu mjesta, u Crnoj Gori. Uradićemo sve ovo za vas:

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  • Čuvanje plovila
  • Skladištenje jedara
  • Priprema za sezonu
  • Nabavka dodatne opreme po potrebi


Montenegro boat registration Avel YachtingRegistrovanje plovila je dugačak, dosadan proces, morate da trčite od jedne administracije do druge... prava noćna mora, koja vam skoro može pšokvariti zadovoljstvo da konačno imate svoju jahtu snova! Sjedite i opustite se, mi ćemo sve to uraditi umjesto vas.

Naravno, želite da osigurate svoje plovilo nakon kupovine. Mi sarađujemo sa nekoliko osiguravajućih kompanija kada se radi o jahting biznisu:

  • Lovćen osiguranje iz Crne Gore
  • Pantaenius osiguranje iz Austrije
  • Marine Club osiguranje iz Hrvatske


Boat transport Avel YachtingMi smo tu da vam pomognemo oko prevoza vaše nove Hanse jedrilice:

  • Plastična zaštitna folija
  • Ukrcavanje na šleper
  • Poniranje u vodu u brodogradilištu u Greifswaldu, Njemačka
  • Poniranje u vodu u Francuskoj i transport do vaše destinacije
  • Zaštitno pakovanje za transport morem (nosač)