Our team

Cécile and Marjan Dimitrijević, together with their dedicated team are working as a complementary team to make your sailing or boating project a success. 

Avel Yachting team cecileAvel Yachting team Marjan Marjan, strong with his 12-year experience in boat maintenance, is the head of our technical team. Cécile is dealing with all marketing aspects and the online promotion of the company.

Avel Yachting team JankoAvel Yachting team RianJanko from Montenegro and Rian from Slovenia, our experienced technicians, take care of the guardiennage, maintenance, repairs and installation of new equipment or instruments. They are in charge of the rigging operations as well.

Avel Yachting team MilijanaMilijana takes all office management jobs for her account with great professionalism, including the permanent contact with our boat owners.


Avel yachting team MihoLast but not least, Miho Belan is our master sailmaker. You will find him working with great talent in our North Sails loft at the back of the marina Porto Montenegro. His 40-year experience makes him an inestimable asset for Avel Yachting. 

This dynamic team, backed up with solid references both in international business and in the sailing industry, will be your trustworthy boating partner in Montenegro.

Avel Yachting Tivat team